Medical Alerts

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Help at the touch of a button is the safety net provided by Freedom Alert. This tiny pendant can be carried on a lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip. Simple to set up and easy to use, Freedom Alert keeps you in immediate touch with up to four contacts, and can default to a 911 operator if those contacts are not available. Freedom Alert is the first two-way voice emergency pendant communicator and, once you purchase it,  it requires no contract or monthly fees.


The Security of 911 in Your Pocket

The Freedom Alert is simply safety in a tiny device that gives you the assurance of help no matter what the circumstances or where you are. This is a two-way communicator that actually lets you talk to the family contacts you have programmed, or to a 911 operator. It is not just an alert. With a rechargeable battery and emergency battery backup, Freedom Alert is always on the job. This important breakthrough is recommended by health care providers, doctors, and security experts through the country. With a simple set up, the base station plugs into the phone jacket. Splash resistant, so you can take it into the shower.


Freedom Alert Gives You Peace of Mind

When danger lurks or illness threatens, you want help. And you want it now. That’s why Freedom Alert, the tiny pendant that lets you talk with those who can come to your assistance, is a valuable asset to seniors and everyone in the family who wants that extra measure of protection. What is particularly exciting about Freedom Alert is you save thousands in set up fees, monitoring charges and contracting costs. Once you pay for your Freedom Alert, there is no further cost whatsoever. Quite simply, you can now have the safety and security of a 911 operator right in your pocket, and available at the mere touch of a button.  



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